Cow Pregnancy Cassette



Type Veterinary
Material Metal
Use In To Check Pregnancy
Packing 1 Pcs
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         Cow Pregnancy Cassette (SP-6)

  • Detection of pregnancy in dairy cow offers valuable information to producers.
  • For a long time, dairy cow feeders and veterinarians are looking forward to simple, rapid and effective early pregnancy detection method, which is important for improving feeding management and propagation rate.
  • The test can be used to determine the early pregnancy of dairy cow, reexamine dairy cows, and guide the
    artificial fertilization at right time.


Specimen Time to test Detailed Instructions Results
Milk 19-24 days after mating.

Otherwise if the previous time interval was missed
40-43 days after mating is also acceptable.

2-3 drops per testing sample ①Avoid using the top layer of milk. Instead, use a deeper sample of milk Pregnant
②Test sample must be fresh: only whithin  1-3 minutes  available
③If a centrifuge is available, use this to separate the creamy component and the testing component
 blood serum Use a centrifuge to separate the blood serum which will be used for testing
If a centrifuge is not available then let the blood sample settle for 5-10 hours. The blood serum will settle at the top and can be used for testing.
Not pregnant
Urine No special preparation required. Ready to use immediately.




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