Gac Chromatography


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Features of Our GC:

  • Semi-Automated GC
  • Keyboard control of GC with Dom keypad
  • Storage of Hundred (100) methods for GC parameters
  • 100 ramps to enable analysis of most complex samples
  • Control of 2 external heated zones
  • All temperatures with P.I.D. control with temperature setting in steps of 0.1 Deg. C
  • Various operator programmable alarm settings with LED indications for programming/ Method
  • Auto scanning of set parameters
  • Precise pneumatics with S.S. capillary path
  • Carrier gas flow control through imported Differential Mass flow controllers
  • Various options such as split-split less injectors, capillary attachment, auto gas sampling valve etc.
  • Dual/ single FID amplifiers
  • Auto flame igniter
  • Dual path TCD
  • Ready condition signal/ Not Ready signal
  • 20 Liters water capacity oven
  • High Quality LCD Display (80 Character: 20 X 4 LCD Display)
  • Protection circuit for Over temperature and absence of Carrier Gas
  • Choice of Detectors: (FID, TCD …)
  • User-friendly operation systems essay operation settings.
  • Optimize electronics component mounted in mother board with latest technology.
  • Number of Injection Port: 2 / 3
  • Number of Inlets GC can Simultaneously Support: 3
  • Number of Detectors (Ports) GC can Simultaneously Support: 3
  • Latest Software for GC, installed on Windows simplified version
  • Latest Controller (noise/ stack free designing working with SMPS system) for Gas Chromatography
  • Latest Auto Sampling system For Gases Sample
  • Operating command for Motherboard through DOM Keypad (180 mm X 245 mm)

Benefit of Our GC:

  • Competitive Price in Indian Condition
  • Effective customer support
  • After Warranty: No Costly Service, No Maintenance of Instruments
  • Customs Builts GC are offer depend on Customer Choice/ Special Requirement
  • After Sales Service, service call attend in next day Gujarat and MH, MP, RJ (Near Gujarat) Next 1-2 days and Rest of India within a week or earlier
  • After Sales Service: All parts of Instruments is in ready Stock so no more time in breakdown condition in your instrument
  • Same results given compare Other Instrument
  • Innovative Product
  • Timely Delivery
  • Continuous quality improvement


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Gas Chromatograph:


·         Model GC – 1310 RJ is state of the art for microprocessor controlled GC designed for routine quality control laboratories. GC offers large double walled S.S. oven for more space & easy changing of columns, with 20×4 characters LCD& LED display of set and actual temperature of Oven, Injector, Detector and oven, FID Temp.  status etc. and Auto ignition facility to ensure easy operation.


·         GC offers 100 method storage, all PID controlled temperature programming for oven with 100 ramps, Injectors and Detectors and various user programmable alarm setting. Automatic cooling without opening the oven door. GC is fully protected from over-heating and carrier gas failure, to protect column from damage.


·         Model GC – 1310 RJ offers economical, differential mass flow controller, for trouble free operation and no down time.


·         GC model GC – 1310 RJ offers choice of packed and capillary column injectors for liquid sample and choice of fully automatic as well as manual gas sampling valves for gaseous sample introduction.


·         GC model GC – 1310 RJ offers choice of high sensitivity detector such as FID, TCD,…etc.  to cover diverse application.


·         Model GC – 1310 RJ is available as dual channel configuration as standard and maximum 4 injectors and 4 detectors can be installed depending on application requirements.


·         Model GC -1310 RJ can be configured as dedicated analyzer with column switching and sample introduction systems for specific application like Dissolve Gas Analysis, Hydrocarbon Analysis, LPG. Natural Gas Analysis etc.


·         GC – 1310 RJ also can be configured for On-line analysis of Gaseous Sample.

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