Software ( Data Acquisition System) for GC and HPLC System



Software ( Data Acquisition System) for GC and HPLC System

KSHAMA-ABC Chromatography Data Handling System is compatible with any model of chromatographic analytical instrument available in the market.  Our state-of-the-art hardware comes in two different models, namely Single-channel and Dual-channel model.  For Dual-channel model, while you can connect the two channels to the dual detectors of the same instrument for simultaneous data acquisition, you can also connect them to two different instruments for independent data acquisition.

This software system is structured in such a way that all the sequences related to an analysis (starting from acquisition of raw data signal, to integration of chromatogram, to calculation of components quantities, through to preparation of analysis report) are incorporated in one source document called Chromatogram file.  By applying Document window technique and Split window technique, we have designed a one-page Document window for you to display all the working elements of a Chromatogram file in one screen for quick access and manipulation.

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Software Specifications

  • 24-bit high precision Analog / Digital conversion device;
  • Accuracy more than 21 bit at 120Hz;
  • Equipped with a remote starter to be connected to analytical instrument or Auto-sampler to receive the Start signal and Stop signal.

 Software Feature:

  • Resolution
  • Theoretical Plates
  • Effective Plates
  • Telling Factor
  • Audit Trial




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