Animal Lifting Machine (Height Adjustable/Foldable)


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Animal Lifting Machine (Height Adjustable/Foldable)


Base Frame: Should Be 50 x 50 x 3 MM Size Angle Type 90o degree bending Material. Galvanized Plate Material Only. Base Frame 800 x 800 MM. Top Structure With 5 Nose Ring Arrangement and Side Support 60 MM OD. GI Material Pipe Only.

Lifting System: Gear type System with Self Locking Should Be Provided With 6 MM Clutch Wire and Pulley to Lift Animal. Easy Self-Locking System. Lifting Operation Should Be Easily Done by Single Person.

Belt: Belt Should Be wear resistant Canvas Lifting Material with Steel Ring.

Tyres: 4 Numbers of Solid Rubber Wheel. size 150 MM with locking system.

Lifting Support: Made from 60 MM Diameter G.I Pipe with Insider Support of 60 MM Diameter, G.I Pipe with 10 Hook of 12 MM Diameter. M.S. Round Bar.

Up Down System: Travis should possess Up Down System of 12 Inches in Total Height Of 84 Inches. Sling: Sling Should Be Made from wear resistant Canvas Lifting Material To lift the Whole Animal from Lying Down or Resting Position and should Cover the Bottom Part of The Animal. Lifting Capacity 1000KG. Size Of Sling – 1.47 Meter x L.47 Meter with Total B Hooks It Should Have Opened to Fit All Size of Animals. Two numbers of sling belts to be supplied with each Travis.

Color : Should be Oil Painted Only.

Dimension: Height 7 Feet (adjustable by 12 inches), Length & Width- 5 Fit.

Operation: Operation by Only One Person.

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 7 cm


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