Anti-Suckling for Cattle


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Size   10 x 8 cm
Color Variable
Material Plastic
Use In Calf Milk Sucking Prevention
Packing 1 Pc
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         Anti-Suckling for Cattle (SS-33)

  • Cattle Weiner Prevent Milk Feeding of Old Calf and Heifers.
  • It is made from Plastic.
  • It Gets Inserted into Nose of The Calf Weiner.
  • Creates A Barrier So the Calf Cannot Get Grip on The Teat.
  • The Little Plastic Points Make It Uncomfortable for The Cows When He Attempts, So She Pushes Him Away.
  • With This Method the Calf Gets to Remain with His Mother During Weaning, Less Stressful Than Separation.
  • Size: 10 x 8 CM.
  • Product Code: SS-33.


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