Tattooing Set



Size  240 mm Letter Size is 11 mm (H) x 8 mm (W).
Material  Stainless Steel
Use In  Animal Treatment
Packing  1 Set
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         Tattooing Set (ST-33)

  • Tattooing Set Comes with A-to-Z Letters And 0-to-9 Numbers.
  • This Tattoo Set Can Be Used On A Variety Of Animals Such As Rodents, Primates, Dogs, Fish, Etc. You Can Easily Mark Ears, Bellies, Thighs, Tails, Etc., With Numbers Or Symbols, Frequently Large Enough To Be Seen From A Distance.
  • Permanent Identification of Rodents, Primates, Dogs, Fish, Etc. 
  • Easy Operation
  • Total Length of Set Is 240 mm.
  • Letter Size is 11 mm (H) x 8 mm (W).
  • One Time Fitting in Set Four Number or Latter.
  • Product Code: ST-33.


Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 11 × 7 cm
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