Bruhners Needle


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Size 9 Inch
Material Stainless Steel
Use In Animal Treatment
Packing 1 Pcs
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          Veterinary (BRUHNERS) Needle 9” (SV-5)

  • Bruhners Needle Typically Used in Vaginal Tissue Treatment
  • Needles Are Made from Stainless Steel.
  • The Placement of a Perivulvar Subcutaneous Suture Using a Bruhners Needle Is Performed Primarily to Aid in The Retention of a Prolapsed Uterus or Vaginal Tissue.
  • The Suture Is Generally Placed Immediately After the Replacement of Prolapsed Tissue.
  • The Buhner Needle Constricts the Opening of the Vulva Making It Less Possible for The Reproductive Tissue to Prolepses Again.
  • Size is 9 Inch.
  • Product Code: SV-5.


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