Hoof Trimmer



Size 9 Inch
Material MS Hard EN Series
Use In Hoof Trimming
Packing 1 Pcs
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          Hoof Trimmer (SH-12)

  • Hoof Trimming Is An Essential Part Of Sheep, Cow And Goat Management.
  • Hoof Trimmer is Made from Metal.
  • Flocks Should Be Checked On A Regular Basis For Hoof Growth.
  • Initially, Use The Point Of The Hoof Trimmers To Remove Any Dirt From The Outside And The Bottom Of The Hoof.
  • The Front Of Badly Overgrown Hooves Can Then Be Removed.
  • Size is 9 inch.
  • Product Code: SH-12.


Weight 0.340 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 4 cm
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